Seal Pot

Seal Pots is designed to drain out foreign or residue material from the pipeline thereby guarding critical components of instrumentation system. Generally Steam is passed through Seal Pot . The condensate residue is drained from the bottom valve connection .Installation can be either vertical or horizontal lines depending on the system requirement. Also Seal Pots is used before the pressure transmitters line because temperature of steam is very high so this high temp. Steam directly may damage diaphragm of the pressure transmitter.

Seal Pot Manufacturer and Exporter . Available in Stainless Steel 316 and Carbon Steel . From Sch 40 to Sch 160 to Sch XXS. We have 2 ports to 6 ports

They are also known as Seal Pots or Condensing Pots

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Where it is used ?

Seal Pots are used in Refineries, liquid petroleum vapour processing plant, petro-chemical plants, systems difficult to shur off outstanding to solid contents dust, rust, dirt etc.Seal Pots can also be used to cool precise high-temperature liquids. Seal pots are used to offer a liquid seal among the process instrument and gases such as steam.

Condensate Seal Pots is filled by DM water so condensation temp does not reach to diaphragm but diaphragm intellect steam pressure and later it work accurately deprived of hurting.

What does a Seal Pot do?

Seal Pots is used before the force source’s line because temperature of condensation is very high so this high temp vapour directly may damage diaphragm of the pressure transmitter so we use condensate pot.Seal Pots are used to collect and accumulate condensate and extrinsic particles. Condensate spaces aid in protecting subtle instruments with lesser openings from fetching damaged or clogged by far-off wreckages. The bottom connection is used as a drain port to remove condensate.

Seal Pots Seal Pots by FAV Seal Pot Condensation Pot


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