FAV’s innovative manufacturing unit, offers an accessory that will increase the life span of Pressure instruments. Snubber are designed to protect pressure instruments from sudden pressure changes and fluctuations of pressuring fluids. Thus sudden pressure changes are damped before they reach the pressure sensing element to minimize stress on it and giving longer life. You can use this with any instruments subjected to rapidly fluctuating pressure or sudden shock pressures.

Common Sizes for Snubber are 1/4″,3/8″ & 1/2″ NPT /BSP

Application for Snubber on  Pressure Gauge

The pressure snubber valve works by evening out the rate at which the fluid or gas being measured arrives. While the snubber does not alter the pressure of the process, it will lessen the pulsation on the line, thereby improving the consistency of the gauge reading, and extending the effective lifetime of that particular gauge

SnubberPressue Guage Syphon

FAVPD1¼” BSP M X 1/4” BSP F15.566
FAVPD2¼” NPT M X ¼” NPT F15.566
FAVPD3½” BSP M X ½” BSP F2066
FAVPD4½”NPT M X ½” NPT F2066


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