FAV Thermowell protects and extends the usage life of a temperature sensor in critical process applications where the sensor is not physically compatible with the environment. Installed directly into the piping systems, thermowells facilitate sensor replacement in high pressure pipelines and eliminate the need to interrupt the process flow or drain the process system for sensor maintenance function. FAV Thermowell manufacturer of all Types. Straight and Flanged Thermowells available. Different lengths and connections. Customize thermowell to suit need


A wide array of configurations is available as shown below. FAV not only stock commons thermowell designs but can also manufacture and ship thermowells.

Thermowells are commonly classified according to their connection to a process. The most common types of thermowells are threaded, socket weld, weld-in, and flanged.
As the names imply, a threaded thermowell is screwed into the process either directly into the wall of a tapped pipe or into a thermowell threadolet. A socket weld thermowell is typically welded into a weldolet socket, but the thermowell may be welded directly into the pipe wall. A weld in thermowell is welded directly into the process vessel or piping. A flanged thermowell has a flange collar which is attached to a mating flange on a pipe nozzle.

Typically a thermowell consists of (1) a process connection, (2) shank construction, (3) a “Q dimension”, (4) bore size, (5) immersion (“U) length, and (6) lagging extension (“T”) length.


The material chosen must be compatible with the process medium to which it is exposed. In The material chosen must be compatible with the process medium to which it is exposed. In application of high pressure or velocity, the material may be chosen for its strength or durability. FAV offers thermowells in a variety of materials, including: Brass, Carbon steel,Stainless Steel, Monel, Hastelloy B or C, Inconel 600, Incoloy 800, Nickel and Titanium. Other alloys or compounds may also be available on request. Threaded, welded and flanged thermowells are made from forgings or bar stock. Raised face flanged and sanitary thermowells are of a two-piece welded construction.


FAV Thermowells are available for use with all Temperature Instrumentation and Control Products, including: Thermometers, Thermocouples, RTD’s, Temperature Recorders, and Temperature Controllers

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