A wide array of configurations are available such as 2 Way Manifold Valve, 3 Way Manifold Valve and 5 Way Manifold Valve. We also manufacture customized Manifold Valve in various styles , shapes and sizes. FAV is one of the reputed Manifold Valves manufacturer.


FAV Instrumentation Manifold Valve is designed for regulation and management of instrumentation, process and control systems. The functions of Manifold Valve include pressure isolation, process equalizing, draining and venting and custody transfer.

Manifold Valves – 2 Way

2 way manifold valve combines an isolation valve with a vent valve in one compact unit. Connections are available in a variety of sizes and thread forms including NPT, BSPT & BSPP. Designed to combine isolation, calibration or test with venting of instruments in one compact assembly. The applications for the 2 way manifold valve include pressure gauges, transmitters and switches. The pressure instruments are connected to the manifold valve with 1/2-inch FNPT connections.

Manifold Valves – 3 Way


3 way Manifold Valve pipe to pipe (R), pipe to flange (T) and flange to flange (H) designed for connecting system impulse lines & transmitters. These Manifold Valve consist of 1/2″ NPT(F), pipe to flange or flange to flange connections on 54mm (2 1/8″) centers, and of one equalizer valve, two block valves and 2 nos 1/4″ NPT(F) purge (VENT) connections. These Manifold Valve are rugged in construction to withstand high pressures and temperatures. The Manifold Valve are rated for pressures as high as 6000 PSI at 200 o F or 4000 PSI at 500 o F. with PTFE Packing. For a Higher Temperatures Grafoil Packing is used.

Manifold Valves – 5 Way


5 way Manifold Valve is a general purpose instrument manifold designed for connecting differential pressure transmitters or flow records to impulse line tubing. Connections are 1/2″ NPT on industry standard 3-2/8″ center-to-center dimensions (models for 2-3/16″ and 2-1/4″ center-to-center dimensions are also available). 5-valve manifold (Double Isolate, Equalize, Double Vent) for an economical way of mounting differential pressure transmitters. 5 way Manifold Valve are designed for remote mounting on instruments using threaded instrument & process connections. These manifold valve are having two isolation, one equilizer & two drain/calibration valves. The standard process & instrument connections are ½” NPT F & the drain connections are ¼” NPT F. The blanking plugs are provided. The instruments connections are positioned at 54 mm center distance but can also be used for other center distances with the help of screwed fittings.

Advantages of FAV Instrumentation Manifold Valve ?

1.Bar stock construction
2.Bonnet-to-body-seat, metal-to-metal seal eliminates the need for O-ring seals.
3.Shroud with colour identification
4.Handle: T-bar metal (standard) or circular plastic optional.
5.Double bonnet or single bonnet (optional)
6.Optional high temperature packing for compatibility to 1000 ?F on certain models.


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