Needle Valve Butt Weld

Manufacturer of Needle Valve Butt Weld made from 316 stainless steel. Needle valves with Butt weld type connection are used for welding to tube end with valves in the Oil & gas industry to lower the risk of leakage of fluid at High pressure & lower risk of leakage of viscous gases from the connections. Welding always Preferable to the piping systems to join tubes with valves where the end user has to avoid any leakage problem of fluids or gases at High Pressure.

FAV Needle Valve Butt Weld are manufactured to stringent quality control program and standards which assure the highest quality available in the industry.

FAV Needle Valve Butt Weld are available as standard in  316 Stainless Steel. but can also be supplied in other materials including Monel®, Hastelloy® C276, Inconel®, Incoloy®, Duplex, Super Duplex and Titanium.

Advantages of Needle Valve Butt Weld

1. Welding on Needle Valve is a permanent attachment method. Once a weld is made the part must be damaged or destroyed to disassemble it.
2. Welding method on Needle Valve used welding can create a continuous joint with lower stress concentrations, while bolting will always have stress concentrations at each bolt.
3. Welding on Needle Valve is stronger than nuts and bolts or rivets because when you weld you are heating the material and exciting it’s atoms. When enough energy is added, atoms combine. The result is two or more separate nuclei that share a common electron cloud.

4. Welding equipments are easily available and hence welding the Needle Vale becomes easy.

Advantages of 3 pc design

1. It protects the PTFE seals as high temperature during welding may damage the seals inside.

2. Ease in installation and maintenance


Needle Valve Butt Weld
Needle Valve Butt Weld








FNVBWmm 1 4 mm
FNVBWmm 2 6 mm
FNVBWmm 3 8 mm
FNVBWmm 4 10 mm
FNVBWmm 5 12 mm
FNVBWmm 6 14 mm
FNVBWmm 7 16 mm
FNVBWmm 8 18 mm
FNVBWmm 9 20 mm
FNVBWmm 10 22 mm
FNVBWmm 11 24 mm
FNVBWmm 12 26 mm
FNVBWmm 13 28 mm
FNVBW 1 1/8″
FNVBW 2 1/4″
FNVBW 3 3/8″
FNVBW 4 1/2″
FNVBW 5 3/4″
FNVBW 6 1″
FNVBW 7 1  1/4″
FNVBW 8 1 1/2″
FNVBW 9 2″

Needle Valve Butt Weld (2)For Forged Body Needle Valve click here

Forged Body Needle, Butt weld, 3 piece, Un-assembled View

Needle Valve Butt Weld 1
Forged Body Needle, Butt weld, 3 piece, Assembled View

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