Swivel Reducing Adaptor with Cone Series Hydraulic fitting
Swivel Reducing Adaptor with Cone Series

Hydraulic fitting- Swivel Reducing Adaptor with Cone Series S (Heavy)

PNPart No.TubeO.D.H1H2hLf
D1 D2
PN 630FHRED 08S-06S861917174428
PN 630FHRED  10S-O6S10 62217174429.5
FHRED 10S-08S8194429.5
PN 630FHRED   12S-06S1262417194530
FHRED   12S-08S8194530
FHRED 12S-10S10224629.5
PN 630FHRED 14S-06S14627172247.533
FHRED 14S-08S81947.533
FHRED 14S-10S102248.532.5
FHRED 14S-12S122448.532.5
PN 630FHRED 16S-06S1663017245035
FHRED 16S-08S8195035
  FHRED 16S-10S10225134.5
FHRED 16S-12S12245134.5
FHRED 16S-14S14275436
PN 400FHRED 20S-06S2063617295439
FHRED 20S-08S8195439
FHRED 20S-10S10225538.5
FHRED 20S-12S12245538.5
FHRED 20S-14S14275840
FHRED 20S-16S16305839.5
PN 400FHRED 25S-06S2564617365843.5
FHRED 25S-08S8195843.5
FHRED 25S-10S10225943
FHRED 25S-12S12245943
FHRED 25S-14S14276244.5
FHRED 25S-16S16306244
FHRED 25S-20S20366644
PN 400FHRED 30S-06S3065017416651
FHRED 30S-08S8196651
FHRED 30S-10S10226750.5
FHRED 30S-12S12246750.5
FHRED 30S-14S14277052
FHRED 30S-16S16307051.5
FHRED 30S-20S20367351.5
FHRED 30S-25S25467652
PN 315FHRED 38S-06S38660175070.556
FHRED 38S-08S81970.556
FHRED 38S-10S102271.555.5
FHRED 38S-12S122471.555.5
FHRED 38S-14S142774.557
FHRED 38S-16S163074.556.5
FHRED 38S-20S203678.556.5
FHRED 38S-25S254681.557
FHRED 38S-30S305085.558.5

Hydraulic fitting- Swivel Reducing Adaptor with Cone Series L (Light)

PNPart No.Tube ODH1H2hLl
PN 315FHRED 08L-06L861714143924.5
PN 315FHRED 10L-06L10619141739.524.5
FHRED 10L-08L81739.524.5
PN 315FHRED 12L-06L1262214174025
FHRED  12L-08L8174025
FHRED 12L-10L10194126
PN 315FHRED 15L-06L62714224227.5
FHRED 15L-08L8174227.5
FHRED  1 5L-10L10194328.5
FHRED 15L-12L12224328.5
PN 315FHRED 18L-06L1863214254328
FHRED 18L-08L8174328
FHRED 18L-10L101944.529.5
FHRED 18L-12L122244.529.5
FHRED 18L-15L152745.530.5
PN  160FHRED 22L-06L226361428.54732
FHRED 22L-08L8174732
FHRED 22L-10L10194833
FHRED 22L-12L12224833
FHRED 22L-15L15274934
FHRED 22L-18L18325033.5
PN  160FHRED 28L-06L2864114364934
FHRED 28L-08L8174934
FHRED 28L-10L10195035
FHRED 28L-12L12225035
FHRED 28L-15L15275136
FHRED 28L-18L18325235.5
FHRED 28L-22L22365437.5
PN  160FHRED 35L-06L3565014465540
FHRED 35L-08L8175540
FHRED 35L-10L10195641
FHRED 35L-12L12225641
FHRED 35L-15L15275742
FHRED 35L-18L18325841.5
FHRED 35L-22L22366043.5
FHRED 35L-28L28416043.5
PN  160FHRED 42L-06L4266014505540.5
FHRED 42L-08L8175540.5
FHRED 42L-10L10195641.5
FHRED 42L-12L12225641.5
FHRED 42L-15L15275842.5
FHRED 42L-18L18325842
FHRED 42L-22L22366044
FHRED 42L-28L28416144
FHRED 42L-35L35506543
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