Sealing Ring

Sealing Ring Hydraulic Fittings flareless fitting consists of a body, a one-piece precision machined ferrule, and a nut. On assembly, the ferrule “bites” into the outer surface of the tube with sufficient strength to hold the tube against pressure, without significant distortion of the inside tube diameter. The ferrule also forms a pressure seal against the fitting body.


Sealing Ring
Sealing Ring
Part No. External Thread External Thread
FAVHF/SR-SL/02G G1/8 G1/8
FAVHF/SR-SL/04G G1/4 G1/4
FAVHF/SR-SL/06G G3/8 G3/8
FAVHF/SR-SL708G G1/2 G1/2
FAVHF/SR-SL/08G x 4.5 G1/2 G3/4
FAVHF/SR-SLV16G G1 G1 1/4/M42x2
FAVHF/SR-SL/20G – 42M G1 1/4/M42x2 G1 1/2/M48x2
FAVHF/SR-SL/24G – 48M G1 1/2/M48x2 M10x1
FAVHF/SR-SL/20M M10x1 M12X1.5
FAVHF/SR-SL712M M 12×1.5 M14x1.5
FAVHF/SR-SLV14M M 14×1.5 M16x1.5
FAVHF/SR-SL716M M16x1.5 M18X1.5
FAVHF/SR-SL718M M18x1.5 M 20 x 1.5
FAVHF/SR-SL/20M M 20 x 1.5 M 22 x 1.5
FAVHF/SR-SL722M M 22 x 1.5 M 26 x 1.5
FAVHF/SR-SL/22 x 4.5M M 22 x 1.5 M27x2
FAVHF/SR-SL/26M M 26 x 1.5 M33x2
FAVHF/SR-SL726 x 3.5M M 26 x 1.5  
FAVHF/SR-SL/27M M27x2  
FAVHF/SR-SL/33M M33x2  
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