ORFS Male Adapter
ORFS Male Adapter












ORFS Male Adapter

ORFS Male Adapter are available as standard in Brass and 316 Stainless Steel. Pipe Fittings can also be supplied in other materials including Monel®, Hastelloy® C276, Inconel®, Incoloy®, Duplex, Super Duplex and Titanium, as well and in special shapes. While the standard materials are 316 stainless steel, brass and carbon steel, we can also manufacture these fittings in other materials to meet your company’s needs. The basic fitting capabilities show the fittings will stand up during prolonged exposure to temperatures as high as 800°F. Those ratings are dependent upon the design and whether the fitting is 316 stainless steel or brass. ORFS Male Adapter made of 316 stainless steel are heat code traceable for the benefit of your operation.

All  exposed  threads of ORFS Male Adapter protected  with  plastic  caps  to  prevent  damage  and  packed  in  sealed,  clear plastic  bag  for  cleanliness.

What are ORFS Threads ?

ORFS is O RING FACE SEAL. ORFS system consists of ORFS Male with O Ring in Face, which seals against Flat Seated ORFS Female Swivel Nut fitting. The Swivel Nut can be slipped back to help installation in tight situations.

ORFS (O-Ring Face Seal) Fittings have a straight thread and a at face with an O-ring groove machined in the at face. Sealing takes place by compressing the O-ring onto the at face of the female connector. Fittings with O-rings oer advantages over metal-tometal fittings. Under or overtighening any fitting can allow leakage, but all-metal fitting are more susceptible to leakage because they must be tightened to a higher and narrower torque range. This makes it easier to strip threads or crack or distort fitting components, which prevents proper sealing.

Leaks can result from vibration, thermal cycling and from loads being supported by the connection (i.e. using the fitting in the connection to support mechanical loads).

ORFS fittings are becoming the most popular international fitting type used on global OEM machines due to their high level of sealing and their good vibration resistance. The fittings use the O-ring compression mechanism to seal. The female fittings have flat faces and straight threaded UNF swivel nuts. The male fittings have the O-ring in a groove in the flat face. Seen as a major advantage, these fittings offer the possibility to build the hose assemblies into fixed distances/spaces, without having to move back other system components due the flat faces of the male and female fittings – the hose assembly can be slotted in.

The most commonly found sizes on hydraulic hose are below:
1/4″ hose – 9/16″ ORFS
3/8″ hose – 11/16″ ORFS
1/2″ hose – 13/16″ & 1″ ORFS
3/4″ hose – 1.3/16″ ORFS
1″ hose – 1.7/16″ ORFS

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