JIC Sleeve

FAV range of JIC Sleeve work best on high pressure hydraulic applications.

These Fittings are also known as 37 Degree Flare Sleeve or JIC Sleeve or Flare Sleeve.



JIC Sleeve
JIC Sleeve


Part. No. Tube 0D1 L
in in mm
FFF/SE/02 1/8 0.34 8.6
FFF/SE/03 3/16 0.34 8.6
FFF/SE/04 1/4 0.41 10.4
FFF/SE/05 5/16 0.44 11.2
FFF/SE/06 3/8 0.50 12.7
FFF/SE/08 1/2 0.56 14.2
FFF/SE/10 5/8 0.66 16.8
FFF/SE/12 3/4 0.68 17.3
FFF/SE/14 7/8 0.76 19.3
FFF/SE/16 1 0.78 19.8
FFF/SE/20 1 1/4 0.91 23.1
FFF/SE/24 1 1/2 1.12 28.4
FFF/SE/32 2 1.19 30.2

JIC Fittings comprises of three precision machined components like Body, Sleeve and Nut. Main construction consists of three pieces: the body, sleeve & nut. The tube end is flared to 74 degrees included angle and held in between the main body nose and the sleeve nut which is on top of them, thus resulting in a very effective leakproof joint, full flow connection in process tubing. Flare fitting design allows for repeated disassembly and re-assembly with no need to replace any components. A wide range of configurations are available such as straight connectors, elbows, union, tees, and crosses as well as unique special adapters. Standard flare fitting materials include brass, carbon steel, and stainless steel. JIC Fittings come in variety of styles, shapes and sizes and work on high pressure hydraulic applications

FAV JIC Sleeve are available in Stainless Steel, Brass, Steel, Monel, High Duty Bronze, Hastelloy C, Incoloy, Inconel 600.

JIC Sleeve are used in Construction, Military Ground Systems, Aerial Lift, Agriculture, Material Handling, Military Marine, Engine Transmission


1)     International Standards

2)     Combine JIC Connection with Variety of end connections of Male / Female NPT, BSPT, BSPP

3)     Very effective seal between the fittings and the flared tube

4)     Good vibration resistance

5)     High Pressure Rating Upto 20000 psi


JIC Sleeve are engineered to save the user money and time. They are economically priced and provide excellent service as well as longevity. Providing exceptional results and quality service, these 37°flare fittings are favoured by many industries and consistently exceed the user’s expectations.


We are experts in JIC Fittings. Confused by Dash Size, Tube Size or Thread Size in JIC Standard ?


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