Hydraulic Rubber Hose with Flange Connection

FAV is the manufacturer of Hydraulic Rubber Hose with Flange Connection Assembly which will have Flange Connection on both sides. Flange Connections will come in ¼” upto 3”.

Hoses Options Available

  1. Hydraulic Rubber Hose R1
  2. Hydraulic Rubber Hose R2
  3. Hydraulic Rubber Superjack Hose
  4. Hydraulic Rubber Hose 4SP, 4SH
  5. Hydraulic Rubber Hose  R13
  6. Spiral Blast Hose, 1000 Bar
  7. Spiral Blast Hose, 1100 Bar
  8. Spiral Blast Hose, 1380 Bar

Pressure Range for Assemblies Rubber Hose

1)1000 PSI

2)3000 PSI

3)4500 PSI

4)6000 PSI

5)10000 PSI

6)15000 PSI

Hose with Flange Connection
Hose with Flange Connection
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