BSPT Adapter
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BSPT Adapter

BSPT Adapter are available as standard in Brass and 316 Stainless Steel. Pipe Fittings can also be supplied in other materials including Monel®, Hastelloy® C276, Inconel®, Incoloy®, Duplex, Super Duplex and Titanium, as well and in special shapes. While the standard materials are 316 stainless steel, brass and carbon steel, we can also manufacture these fittings in other materials to meet your company’s needs. The basic fitting capabilities show the fittings will stand up during prolonged exposure to temperatures as high as 800°F. Those ratings are dependent upon the design and whether the fitting is 316 stainless steel or brass. BSPT Adapter made of 316 stainless steel are heat code traceable for the benefit of your operation.

All  exposed  threads of BSPT Adapter protected  with  plastic  caps  to  prevent  damage  and  packed  in  sealed,  clear plastic  bag  for  cleanliness.

What are BSPT Threads ?

BSPT stands for British Standard Pipe Thread. British Standard Pipe Thread is a family of standard screw thread types that has been adopted internationally for interconnecting and sealing pipe ends by mating an external (male) with an internal (female) thread. It has a tapered thread. This means it is narrower at one the end where the thread is initially used. As the thread is tightened the fitting becomes wider. The effect of this is that the adaptor/fitting seals as it stretches the item it is fitted to. There is so much force between the connections that it can hold pressure

A list of 16 thread sizes are defined by the standards, ranging from 1/16 inch to 6 inch. The size was originally based on the inner diameter measured in inches of a steel tube for which the thread was intended. This often causes confusion, as people think the size refers to the outside diameter of the male thread.

BSPT male threads seal against threads of fixed BSPT female.Contact is made on the flanks of the threads. Use of a thread sealant is recommended for BSPT male to BSPT female connections. Measure the BSPT male thread OD and female thread ID at the firstfull thread near the end of the fitting. BSPT Thread Dimensions Calculator was developed to show British Standard Pipe Taper Thread form where pressure-tight joints are made on the threads. The calculator shows dimensions, tolerances and designation for jointing pipe threads for thread sizes from 1/16 to 6. Threads are taper external, parallel internal or taper internal and are intended for use with pipes suitable for threading and for valves, fittings or other pipeline equipment interconnected by threaded joints.

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