3 Way Ball Valve Female Pipe Connection,NPT,BSP,SW

3 Way Ball Valve is designed to give higher strength and integrity by using the same dynamic multi-ring gland system as in the needle valve, which when combined with the anti-blowout back seating stem, guarantees resistance to all operating processes and pressures.  Instrument Ball Valves is used in almost all application that involves fluid power for instrumentation and process control. Ball Valve 3 Way has been specifically designed for use on instrumentation, process and control systems, together with equipment employed in oil and gas, marine and shipping, chemical, chromatography, petroleum, power generation and pulp & paper plants

3 Way Ball Valve Ball Valve,3 Way ,T port and L Port

FBV/6K/T-2 1/8″
FBV/6K/T-4 1/4″
FBV/6K/T-6 3/8″
FBV/6K/T-8 1/2″
FBV/6K/T-12 3/4″
FBV/6K/T-16 1″
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