Shoulder Plug for Heat Exchanger

Introduction to Shoulder Plugs

Shoulder Plugs ,Head Plugs & Shoulder Plugs for Heat Exchange are made for plug type header boxes in fin fan air coolers or heat exchangers,air cooled  . A Shoulder plug which comes with gasket are located opposite each tube which allows access for monitoring and cleansing of individual tubes. Spare Head plugs and gaskets may be needed to replace originals during routine maintenance or used to plug leaking tubes. They come with UNF Threadings on most cases for a face to face tightening . Hence they are sometimes referred to as UNF Threaded Plugs

Shoulder Plugs are connected in upstream offshore/onshore oil production and initial processing installations. Header Plugs are made from Stainless Steel 316 , SS 304 ,Duplex ,Super Duplex,Carbon Steel, Brass, Inconel ,Hastelloy, Titanium and Monel . They are also accessible in various Alloy Steel .

Why buy from Shoulder Plugs from FAV ?

1) Available in material of your choice

2) Customization possible to suit your exact Heat Exchanger Needs

3) Faster Delivery

4) Material Test Report available

5) Gasket available in Soft Iron as we as other grades

Shoulder Plugs

Brass Shoulder Spare Plug       Stainless Steel Shoulder Spare Plugs     Carbon Steel A105 Gr B Shoulder Spare Plug   Monel 400 Shoulder Spare PlugAlloy Steel Shoulder Spare Plug

Shoulder Plugs for Heat Exchanger

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