Check Valve Weld

Check Valve Weld x weld allows welding on both sides .It can be easily welded to the pipes. Check Valve Weld have both sides weld Connections. We can give Check Valve Weld are rated to 6000 psi and come with Buna/Viton Seat. They are available in stock.

There are two different types of Check Valve Weld

1) Check Valve Butt weld BW

2) Check Valve Socket weld SW

FAV Check Valve Weld is  designed for leak free flow of one way in mediums flowing in the process . The Instrument Check Valve and non-return valve that permit gases and liquids to flow in only one direction, preventing process flow from reversing. Check Valve Weld  provide unidirectional flow and tight shut-off for liquids and gas with high reliability. When differential drops below cracking pressure (20 psi ±30%), valve shuts off. Ball Check Valve prevents reverse flow where leak-tight shut-off is not mandatory. When differential drops below cracking pressure, valve closes.

We offer Check Valve Weld for low pressure and high pressure applications with selectable crack pressures as well as Check Valve Weld with adjustable crack pressures.

Pressure Ranges Available in Check Valve Weld

1) 1000 psi
2) 3000 psi
3) 6000 psi
4) 10000 psi

Advantages of Check Valve Weld?

1.Innovative Compact design
2.Available in variety of material
3.Low operating Torques
4.Variety of end connections includes Socket Weld and Butt Weld
5.Every valve is factory tested


Check Valve Weld
Check Valve Weld
FAVCV/SW/02 1/8″ 6000 60
FAVCV/SW/04 1/4″ 6000 68
FAVCV/SW/06 3/8″ 6000 70
FAVCV/SW/08 1/2″ 6000 82
FAVCV/SW/12 3/4″ 6000 85
FAVCV/SW/16 1″ 6000 92
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